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Pochette made of hemp fabric LaNodo


Natural fabric and faux leather with nautical details, like all products made by LaNodo brand.

Made in Italy

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Height 25 cm

The LaNodo clutch bag is made entirely by hand according to an ancient combination of craft, art, stories and seaside villages.

All rigorously Made in Italy, from raw materials, such as canapone, hemp fabric, and the designers! Maria Paola Minerba and Angela Longo, originating in Taranto, are Pugliesi Doc: sea, tradition, imagination and originality, thus was born the LaNodo brand.

The laNODO products are characterized by the use of nautical ropes, sail eyelets and knots primarily used in marine. The NODE has always had a deep symbolic significance in every age and in every age, which means that the node is one of those items that already in itself a symbolic meaning, which transcends the human attribution. It is fascinating to think about how you have to deal daily with one of the most common symbols in time and space.

The laNODO bags are entirely handmade following the deep intertwining of fabric canapone and the two types of nautical tops culminating in the selection of the node, selected from four types. Each node brings with it its meaning:

- KNOT SAVOY - The Love Knot - "INFINITE"

- KNOT bowline - Node of the Passion - "curiously intricate"

- KNOT CROWN TWO Eye and the Knot of Friendship - "SPALLEGGIAMI"

- KNOT OF CAPPUCCINO - the Lucky Knot - "take care of me"

laNODO is a combination of craft, art and stories of sea and seaside villages.

Above all it is a remarkable blend of intelligences in the air and then relaxing on wide blue spaces of the sea to which this city still clings in an effort not least to recover the future without disavowing the past, Glorious, however.

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