Simply Hemp by Dutch Harvest Amsterdam Hemp Tea


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Simply Hemp

by Dutch Harvest

Premium Quality

Amsterdam Hemp Tea 

The Most Famous Hemp Tea Brand all over the world


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Dutch Harvest youhemp hemp tea premium quality tisana alla canapa di Alta qualità

Simply Hemp 

by Dutch Harvest 

Premium Quality

Amsterdam Hemp Tea 



During my experience as a Consultant on Sustainability, I, Esther, have increasingly come across cannabis as a sustainable crop for, for example, building, textile and food products. The study of this plant has only increased my fascination with it ... once you have discovered what can be done with hemp, do not let it escape so easily. I visited many companies that used hemp and I participated in countless conferences to answer the question: how to bring this magnificent plant back to life?

Sustainable & local

Our hemp grows on the far-flung fields of Groningen where the summer sun stimulates it to reach a stunning 3 meter height in only 100 days! Hemp doesn’t require any spraying, improves the soil structure and breaks down vast amounts of CO2.

Not stoned, still very yum

Hemp tea doesn’t contain THC so you won’t get high, sorry! It’s a mild tasting herbal tea that has been around for thousands of years — and enjoyed ever since. That’s why we think it’s time to rediscover this exceptional plant.

Better for everyone

This tea comes in a biodegradable bag and is packed with dedication at a social enterprise.

Rediscovery of an ancient crop

Good food, natural medicine, durable clothes and even sustainable homes… the versatility of hemp is truly mind-blowing. Dutch Harvest is part of the Hemp Collective which aims to bring this ancient crop back to its former glory.

Dutch Harvest YOUHEMP herbal hemp tea

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