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25mg of Hight quality CBD obtained with CO2 extraction processes.

Made in Slovenia 

Add a small spoon at your hemp tea, relax and keep calm.

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WEEBEE HEMP HONEY is a new brand, product and carefully controlled blend of SLOVENIAN floral honey and 5% CBD oil obtained from hemp flowers.

The product is a complete innovation in our market, behind which lies an invaluable gift and taste of nature. We have prepared an excellent combination for you, which you will enjoy enjoying in tea or on a spoon. At the same time, you will nourish your body with first-class ingredients.

CBD oil is an extract of hemp flowers that is also known in the literature as cannabinoid or hashish resin. CBD oil is obtained by processing cannabis of controlled geographical and ecological origin.

Weebee hemp honey contains high quality and prestigious CBD obtained exclusively by CO2 extraction processes.

Medical (industrial) hemp is used to make hemp resin (paste), which makes CBD oil a completely legal food and cannot cause a feeling of intoxication.

The reason for the earth effects of cannabinoid (CBD) on our body lies in the fact that it helps to restore the balanced functioning of the endocannabinoid system. It is a system in our body that regulates all the processes that take place in it – everything from mood, appetite, memory, sleep, metabolism, motor control and fertility, to the general development of the body.

Flower Honey is a sweet liquid that Slovenian bees collect in flowering meadows and orchards. Due to its high mineral content, it is considered an excellent sedative, and at the same time, due to its sugar content, it can serve as an ideal source of energy.

Real or pure honey must not contain added sweeteners or water and is the only food of animal origin that has an almost unlimited shelf life. A common occurrence in natural honey is the process of crystallization when honey solidifies. If you prefer to enjoy honey in liquid form, liquefy it again by placing a glass of honey in warm water for a short time – but do not exceed 40 degrees.

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