Marmelade Blueberry Tonic CBD Legal cannabis 5 gr


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Blueberry legal cannabis

A genuine product, without adding synthetic components that can be dangerous for human health.

Everyone likes it: mom, dad, grandmother, brothers, sisters and cousins!

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Weight: 5 gr

CBD 14% 

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Marmelade 100% female inflorescences of cannabis sativa l, carefully selected and handcrafted.

A genuine product, without the addition of synthetic ingredients or components that can be dangerous for human health.

ONLY NATURAL TERPENS, which release intense aromas, like those of the past.

The production of Marmelade is linked to the seasonality of the raw materials: each jar is a concentrate of precious flowers, unique gifts of the earth that, with their scents, will take you back in time. CBD 14.0% THC 0.48% Tonica has a citrusy flavor and at the same time releases woody flavors.

In addition, it is also characterized by a pine aftertaste. Its aromas and flavors are due to the high amount of terpenes present and thanks to the high levels of linalool and myrcene, Blueberry has a flavor and essence that you will never get enough of. It derives from a cross between a MK Ultra female and a famous G13 Haze male and, thanks to the high CBD content, it is very relaxing.

It is a 50% indica and 50% sativa strain, in fact it is well balanced, offering a relaxing, euphoric and lasting experience. You will certainly notice a cerebral effect, but it will be clear and subtle.

The numbness of the body is felt rather quickly, and extends to the limbs. Additionally, it is recommended to help relieve pain that you would otherwise have to take prescription medications for.

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