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Shaped cup in medical silicone

Reusable, can last up to 10 years, allows you to save every month and reduce non-biodegradable waste such as external and internal absorbents to zero.

12 hours without losses

Without chemicals like glyphosate, dioxin and pesticides typically used in cotton production.

Available in two sizes: A and B


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​​Change habit and discover a new period!

The advantages are many and those who have tried it don't come back.

Organic Cup is odorless , just feel uncomfortable in those days, especially in the summer.

Just dressing in black for fear of staining your clothes is technically impossible with the use of a menstrual cup.

Just change continuously and consume from 15 to 20 absorbents per cycle, with Organic Cup you must remember to have your period and change only after 10/12 hours.

You can also use it at night and in the pool without fear!

Perfect for those who travel a lot, not cluttered and you can easily take it with you at all times.

Without residual toxic substances.

Glyphosate has been identified in 5 feminine hygiene products out of a total of 11 products analyzed, as confirmed by the 60 Million Consumers report.

This is the cause of infertility, cancer and allergies.

Very easy to position , because it positions itself.

It does not need to be stuck in a specific corner, since its upper part is completely open and symmetrical. To remove it, simply push it down with the pelvic musculature, remove the air gap created by inserting a finger next to the cup and extract it by pulling from the tongue.

We do not fill the world with sanitary napkins, we have already done enough harm to our planet.

Periods should not be the cause of major pollution.

Half the population on earth have periods for the majority of their lives. Yet no period innovations have happened in over 50 years.

Now consider the amount of waste created each month by disposable period products.

Consider the chemicals they contain, and that we put inside our bodies.

We’re on a journey to change the way periods affect our lives, our bodies and our environment.

We believe no woman should be held back by her body.

We believe period products should not contain harmful chemicals nor absorb natural bodily secretions, resulting in infections.

Together we’re breaking down the barriers that menstruation has raised in the lives of dreamers and doers. Together we’re unfolding a New Period. Of periods.

OrganiCup was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2012.

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