Our mission

Respect for ourselves and our surroundings, the YouHemp Brand gives top priority to You and the Cannabis Sativa for Industrial use. Help us to recover the cultivation of cannabis , only with the addition of hemp-based products in our daily habits can urging the change.

YouHemp as a response to the economic crisis. YouHemp as a response to environmental crisis of our world.

Hemp is a unique plant, for some people it is sacred!   YouHemp wants to concretely show all uses of Industrial Hemp, to urging the demand for products made with this fantastic plant, moreover to promote the expansion of an Italian chain. Each of us can be part of the change, Each person can encourage a healthy economy that does not exploit our ecosystem. Each person can improve the world.

Come to visit our shop and follow our blog, you will find many products and useful information for Growing your Life.

Our history

YOUHEMP.IT is a new Italian platform where freely discuss about industrial and medical hemp. YouHemp was born in 2015 and its objective is the education of people about the potential of the hemp plant as such, through the use of innovative derivative products and the creation of an awareness about everything that this plant can offer.

The long-term objectives of YOUHEMP.IT are to promote the cultivation and promote the use of industrial hemp as a sustainable crop in Italy; make available a service for interchange of information and advice between the different realities that are part of this agricultural chain, so make an easier purchase of products made from the "Italian High Quality hemp".

Our YouHemp.it web site aims to provide an introduction to the hemp and its benefits, as well as aims to be the reference online shop for those who do not know where to buy Hemp-Based products on European territory.