Massage oil CBD by NATUREL DESIR

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Massage oil CBD by NATUREL DESIR

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Massage oil by NATUREL DESIR

For a Daily use or for proffessionist of healty treatments.
Rich in linoleic acid and oleic acid as the Omega 3 and 6.
Contains antioxidants and very beneficial essential minerals, vitamins: A, C, D, E and B, that is used to treat problems like eczema, allergies and acne.

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CBD Body Oil, is the new version of our body cosmetic application, justified by its conditioners, moisturizing, softeners, protective, soothing and antioxidant properties.

So its use is recommended in atonic, aged, dehydrated skins or exposed to the environmental inclemencies like sun, heat, cold, dryness

It’s a daily use dry oil, 100% organic, exceptional for the hydration of tattoos and massages, as well as daily hydration, and also suitable for professional massages.

Rich in linoleic acid and oleic acid as the Omega 3 and 6.

Also contains antioxidants and very beneficial essential minerals, vitamins: A, C, D, E and B, that is used to treat problems like eczema, allergies and acne.

massage oil CBD

In love, cannabis acts as a sensorial stimulant and emotional desinhibitor and generally increases temperature perception, taste, touch, visual perception, knowledge of the human body, musical and auditory enjoyment and the creation of fantasies and humor: often there is a feeling that time slows down.

Cocoa: The hormones found in cocoa, phenylethylamine (FEA) and serotonin are responsible for stimulating the sense of well-being in the brain, increasing excitement and pleasure during orgasm, meaning that this is truly an aphrodisiac combo.

Cardamom: In the field of sexuality, this plant is cited in the Kamasutra and is known to have been spread on the male’s penis to excite him and increase its size. Cardamom is used for aphrodisiac purposes because it stimulates the nervous system, thus reactivating the sexual cells via cinc, therefore reactivating the sexual desire, solving impotence or lack of libido.

Mint: Its effectiveness as a mild stimulant on the nervous system, specially in women, and its refreshing properties, act as a stimulant on genital organs.

Vanilla: The aphrodisiac effect of vanilla was traditionally used by hindus, who used its sweet fragrance to create a propitius environment for a successful relationship. Furthermore, this fruit has a relaxing power which helps enhace passion.

Coconut: This is the best rejuvinator for male sexual fluids. Not only for consumption, coconut oil is an excellent lubricant during the sexual act.

Cinamon: Considered one of the best genital topics. It is able to increase sexual desire and libido.

Ginger: This root has great stimulant properties, exciting the senses of those who consume it.

Maca: It is proved to have high aphrodisiac powers, as it notably improves sexual desire both in men and women. It has even been proven to aid mild erectile disfunction as it acts on the blood system, invigorating the pelvic region and notably stimulating sexual apetite.

Capsicum: This plant stimulates the chemical endorphins in the brain which make your heart beat faster and work up a sweat.

Narurel Desir’s main characteristic, among others, is its relaxing property. It is designed to promote natural lubrication, reduce pain and tension and create the necessary relaxing mode to enjoy sexual experiences to the maximum. The sensation of pleasure is prolonged in time and becomes more and more intense, producing small and multiple orgasms until reaching a more intense and definitive orgasm. The product is inspired on an historic use of cannabis as aphrodisiac. Cannabis is not a viagra, nor an instant orgasm, and blends in with the most subtle sexuality helping to guide it, sometimes mooring us (especially the ladies) to it in a moment of ecstasy.
As an entire generation learned, it shows us to make love, not war, and it seems as if we have never forgotten this.

· Prolonges orgasm and increases its intensity
· Increases pleasure significantly
· Sensitizes the senses
· Increases sexual apetite
· Boosts or enhances the connection between people who engage in sex
· Increases the attention of the individual in technical aspects with the aim of satisfying the sexual partner
· Conversely, several scientific studies suggest that an abusive and prolonged use of this substance may in time have negative consequences, such as:
· Decreased sexual appetite
· Erectile disfunction

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