Elenco dei prodotti per marca Naturel Désir

Naturel Desir is a young company founded and established in Barcelona. It emerged as a result of promoting good health and well being, specially as regards to intimate experiences, creating and offering products that enhance and strengthen natural and sensual pleasures among people.

Naturel Desir investigates the different combinations of plants with aphrodisiac powers to design products that enhance pleasure, with a special focus on women. From all the plants we focus our interest on CANNABIS SATIVA as an historic aphrodisiac. A clinical investigation shows that the cannabinoids are efficient in soothing muscular tension and liberating social and sexual anxiety. Furthermore it neutralises physical discomfort. Many patients have reported that they are magnificent in improving the sense of well-being and brightening moods. All of this makes cannabinoids a delightful companion in sexual pleasure and healing. Tens of thousands of women who have used Naturel Desir’s formulas have increased their orgasms as well as reported relief in discomfort.

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